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How do I book a Driver Service?

You need to first be a registered member of the platform. Go to the book a driver page and follow the simple steps on the form. You’ll need a bank card for the transaction when you get to Stripe gateway. You can save your card details for ease of booking future transactions

How do I raise my invoice to Driver Platform as a Driver?

How do I raise my invoice to Driver Platform as a Driver? “Firstly, you must ensure each job done is mark as completed on the app by Ending the Job. In doing so, the app will take you through a few steps to raise your invoice to us. You must note that the customer will get a notifcation once the job is mark complete by ending it. This is to ensure that we get full confirmation that the Jon is indeed completed”

When do I get paid after a job is completed as a Driver?

Your invoices are paid 7 days from Job Complete assuming the customer has not raised a dispute against it by the customer. If a dispute is raised, the invoice will not be paid until the dispute is resolved

Can I register for different driving services as a Driver?

“Yes, you can subject to your Driver’s Licence, Other driving Certifications, and any Technical or Medical Certification you hold. This can be done under your profile when you sign up and can be amended at any point. To give yourself the best opportunity to secure jobs, do ensure you fill in as much details as you can

How do I raise a dispute?

For Drivers, you can find the “Raise a dispute” under the Account section on the App at the bottom left of the screen for ease

Where can I find my invoice as a Customer?

However,for each Job completed by a driver on the marketplace, an email of your invoice and Job completion report will be emailed to you on the email you provided on registration. You can always change the email address.

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